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New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house



Reviewed Mar. 17, 2014 by Armin

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Established in 2010 by a couple of busy fathers, Tri Tran and Conrad Chu (that they both have awesome names is only a coincidence), Munchery is a food delivery service with a San Francisco spin: “wholesome prepared dinners, handmade by top local chefs using only the highest-quality ingredients, for same-day deliver to your home or office each weeknight.” Not only does the food look good but the company also does good by donating “to provide a meal for someone in need through a partnership with the SF & Marin Food Banks.” Late last year, Munchery introduced a new look designed in-house but initiated by Brooklyn, NY-based Kelli Anderson.

New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
Munchery old look. Photo by Dan Mills.
New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
Munchery new look. Photo (and review) by Kelly O’Mara.

It almost goes without saying that the new look is far better than the old. One of the most treaded color preconceptions is that oranges and reds make you hungry and here you can see it in action. Look at the green and black and white image of the old look and compare it with the image directly above. It’s like night and day. The new design looks more like an actual restaurant identity than simply the logo that accompanies a new app or San Francisco start-up. This is thought-out, considerate, and very well designed. The only thing I don’t understand that is driving me a little crazy is why “MUNCHERY” is not centered with the “M”.

New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
Munchery explained.
Our new containers are microwave AND oven safe. Made from renewable and sustainably sourced plant fibers (bamboo & sugarcane mix). And they’re compostable and biodegradable.

We tried to get away from plastic as much as possible, but couldn’t find a good solution for container lids. So we moved to plastic lids that are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, and 100% recyclable.

To bring it all together is the lovely, colorful sleeve. It provides key structural support and allows our lids and containers to work together at 100%. They are made from sustainably sourced, non-virgin paper that is SFI & FSC certified. Same with our bags.

As you can see, responsibility was a big focus as part of this relaunch. So on a related note, we also partnered with The Conservation Fund to offset our delivery drivers carbon footprint by planting trees. We also partnered with The San Francisco Food Bank and donate a meal for every order placed on Munchery.

Project feature on The Dieline

New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
Cooler delivery.
New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
Sample boxes.
New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
iOS app.
New Logo and Identity for Munchery done In-house
Icon system. By Kelli Anderson.

On the icons: Awesome. Period. The plaid-slash-tartan texture ties all the packaging together with a pajama-like comfort that makes Munchery something you want to bring into your home, unlike styrofoam boxes that you can’t wait to get rid of. Extending into the website and app — applications I rarely even mention but that here are integral — the identity is perfectly presented, looking fresh, sweet, and savory.

Thanks to Carlos Montalvan for the tip.

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