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New Logo and Identity for SM Entertainment



Noted Nov. 13, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1995) “S.M. Entertainment is Korea’s largest Entertainment & Media Group specialized in artist management, music production, record production and distribution, and also engaged in actor management and the production of dramas, films, musicals, and performances. S.M. Entertainment also engaged in karaoke box and machine business and internet/mobile contents business. S.M. Entertainment’s artists are performing in the Asian markets including China, Japan, and Korea as well as worldwide.”

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SM Entertainment press release

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The new CI is made of flexible identity that can be transformed and extended based on the basic symbol. The symbol that continuously changes is symbolized SM that develops continuously with an open attitude toward the future. The color is 'SM Pink', 'SM White' for modern sensibility, 'SM Blue' for innovation that creates a new culture, and 'SM Gray' for neutral and intelligent images.

In addition, visual identity starts from 'light', and 'light', which is the origin of existence and all the luminous celebrity and content of SM, moves and expresses 'line' that represents the connection that transcends race, language and border, Sun 'connects S and M, and becomes a' circle 'symbolizing perfect connection and eternity, completing a new identity of SM. The various types of graphics and patterns created during this process are used diverse, both online and offline.

SM Entertainment press release

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New Logo and Identity for SM Entertainment
New Logo and Identity for SM Entertainment
Business cards.
Logo animation/presentation video/thing.

The old logo was kind of terrible with a gratuitously rough, smeared script monogram paired with a pink background that made little sense. The new logo doesn’t make much more sense but at least it somehow feels more in tune within the vibrant, happy, techno-y vibe of kpop. Graphically, it’s a nice integration of an “S” and an “M” with a bonus exclamation mark. The small wordmark is fine — much better than the previous, super-default Helvetica. In application, it looks like there is some potential in that single business card image that shows some cool complementary single-line shapes and a nice color palette. In the animation, it’s a bit of a free-for-all of stuff, which I guess is fine. Overall, without knowing much about the old and or identity, this seems like a solid update that strikes a good balance between being outright fun but also being able to get down to business.

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