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New Logo and Identity for Visible by Pentagram


Noted Jul. 26, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2018) “Visible is phone service in an app. Users get unlimited data, messages and minutes, on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Headquartered in Denver, Colo., Visible was created to give people a more convenient, transparent, and all-around better phone service experience.”

Design by

Logo: Pentagram
Brand and social: Madwell – AOR
PR: INK Communications Co.

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Visible by Pentagram
New Logo and Identity for Visible by Pentagram
Faces, animated.
New Logo and Identity for Visible by Pentagram
App, packaging, and SIM card. (Image via Digital Trends)
New Logo and Identity for Visible by Pentagram
Lunchboxes and cake.

At first glance this may seem like a Type 101 conceptual exercise — in a way, yes, it is — but consider that this is a mainstream product backed by one of the largest telecoms in the U.S. and then you start to appreciate that they put a Type 101 conceptual exercise on the market with a logo that I bet some focus group somewhere labeled as hard to read and wouldn’t buy. It’s slightly clever and it’s somewhat visually intriguing. It all definitely has a millennial pang — especially if you go to their Instagram account — and is drenched in that blue but it does have an interesting twist of taking the tittles of the missing “i”s to transform them into faces that are more old school emoticons than new school emojis. Overall, this feels well targeted and appropriately designed for that target.

Thanks to Nick Krawczeniuk for the tip.

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