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New Logo and Livery for Air Italy



Noted Feb. 26, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 1963, previously Meridiana) “Air Italy is an Italian airline fully owned by AQA Holding (51% Alisarda and 49% Qatar Airways), with its headquarters in Olbia. The company was established up with the name of Alisarda on 29 March 1963, with the aim of promoting tourism to Sardinia. In 1991 the name was changed to Meridiana. Following a merger with charter carrier Eurofly and the acquisition of the charter company Air Italy the airline became the most important Italian player in international leisure flights. In December 2017 growth towards new domestic, medium-haul and long haul destinations from Milan Malpensa was announced reflecting a major strategic shift for the Company. In February 2018 a new corporate identity was presented and the Company was rebranded as Air Italy.”

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Livery for Air Italy
Old (bottom) and older (top) logos used in the previous incarnation of Air Italy.
New Logo and Livery for Air Italy
Logo. (Sorry, not the best quality.)
New Logo and Livery for Air Italy
New Logo and Livery for Air Italy
New Logo and Livery for Air Italy
Brand introduction video.

This one gets a little confusing because both Meridiana and Air Italy existed before as brand names but now Meridiana is changing to Air Italy so there is a lot of old logos and unclear name changes or not changes, so for the sake of my sanity, I’ll skip straight to the new logo… The best I can say about it is that it looks airline-y. The wide structure is now a commonplace visual cue that this has to do with airplanes but it’s not a very attractive wordmark with a little too much customization in, literally, every corner. The lack of space between “Air” and “Italy” is not very beneficial and creates a really weird word — “Airitaly” — that fights against the instinct to read “air” and “Italy”. The added wing to the “Y”… yeah, I can see that being okay and sort of interesting but there is something cheap-looking about it. Maybe it’s the too-cute animation at the end of the video that kills it for me. The livery is different and brings attention to the uncommon color palette of purple and mint which is not very Italian but it’s also different from anything else in the airline industry. I don’t personally like the color combination but, hey, it’s not blue. Overall, not a very exciting or original logo and perhaps more on the discount-airline end of the spectrum but well within the boundaries of the industry.

Thanks to Lee Liski for the tip.

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