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New Logo and Livery for Air Serbia



Noted Aug. 30, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 2013) Established in 1947, Jat Airways has been the national flag carrier and largest airline of Serbia, and formerly Yugoslavia. This year it will change its name to Air Serbia after an agreement between the Government of the Serbia and Etihad Airways (the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates).

Of note: The new logo was designed by 25-year-old, Serbian designer Tamara Maksimovic, who caught the attention of the client with her final graduation project at school, a redesign of Jat Airways, posted on Behance. So for all the haters who question why designers engage in fake redesigns (for school or for hobby) instead of doing some pro-bono work, this is why. You never know who is going to see it nor what it may lead to.

Design by

Tamara Maksimovic (Novi Sad, Serbia)

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New Logo and Livery for Air Serbia
Logo detail.
New Logo and Livery for Air Serbia
Air Serbia / Etihad Airways branding.

While the typography could use some — well, a lot of — finessing, the icon, based on Serbia's Coat of Arms is very nice and works so well as an airline logo, specially on the tail since it's symmetric and doesn't suffer from flip-itis.

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