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New Logo and Livery for Cyprus Airways by Landor



Noted Apr. 20, 2017 by Armin

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Cyprus Airways was the flag carrier airline of Cyprus. It was established in September 1947 and ceased operations on 9 January 2015. In July 2016, it had its trademark and brand rights acquired from the Cyprus government by Cypriot-investor-owned Charlie Airlines (60 per cent) and Russia’s S7 Airlines (40 per cent) as a joint venture. It will begin operations later this year.

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New Logo and Livery for Cyprus Airways by Landor
New Logo and Livery for Cyprus Airways by Landor

I wish there was a little more info on this or even a larger view of the logo, because it's really nice. The old logo was very harsh, with an aerodynamic yet somewhat aggressive hoofed flying animal of some kind and it was paired terribly with an overly tight serif. The new logo is everything the old one wasn't: airy, welcoming, and, somehow, Mediterranean. The wordmark is light and fluffy, with a beautiful and unexpected “u” that fills in the otherwise large space left by the “r” and establishes a great set of horizontal slabs in the “pru” combo. The olive branch — I'm guessing it's an olive branch as that is what appears in Cyprus' flag — is nice too, although I keep seeing it as an apostrophe, like this thing belongs to Cypru. The livery is quite pleasing too and I hope the real color is more approximate to the photo of the plane taking off with the lighter, greener tones than the blueish render. Either way, it's nice, and the multi-color leaf/branch icon looks great on the tail. Can't wait to see the full identity of this — whoever is doing it, is doing it right.

Thanks to Faidonas Solomou for the tip.

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