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New Logo and Mnemonic for Times Video by Work-Order



Noted Apr. 29, 2014 by Armin

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The Times Video is the New York Times’s video hub content across 14 channels: News and Politics, International, Opinion, Times Documentaries, Business, Technology, Culture, Style, Health, Food, Travel, Sports, Real Estate and Science.

Design by

Work-Order (New York, NY)

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Relevant quote
We felt strongly that the Times own a logo specifically for video that honored both the heritage of their T mark and new media. We also wanted a composer for the mnemonic that represented those dichotomies and so chose Nico Muhly.

The animation and sound together represent two parts — the gravitas (large, warm, reassuring heritage) of the gothic T shape and the expediency (small, quick, sharp, nimbleness) of the play button. It is the harmonic blending of old and new media.

Work-Order provided text

Images (opinion after)
OLD logo animation.
New Logo and Mnemonic for Times Video by Work-Order
Progression from classic “T” logo to new video “T”.
NEW logo animation and mnemonic.
NEW logo animation for Times Documentaries.

I love the small tweak to the main Times logo to serve as a play button and, although the first second of the animation and mnemonic sound too much like a Mac starting up, the boop and flash of the play button make it irresistibly cool.

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