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New Logo and Motion Graphics for York Mediale by Something More and Hungry Sandwich Club


Noted Oct. 27, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2017, launching 2018) “York Mediale is a unique festival bringing together leading digital artists from around the world. The biennial event will present a 10-day citywide celebration of exhibitions, installations, performances, workshops and more. Underpinned by year-round activity, the festival will support York’s growing cultural presence and nurture the next generation of talent. It will intrigue, inspire and challenge perceptions for everyone.”

Design by

Something More (Leeds, UK)
Hungry Sandwich Club (Leeds, UK)

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yorkmediale.com launched 9th October 17. As the first manifestation of the brand, it needed to celebrate everything the festival stands for. The site embodies the ethos of the festival; creating intrigue & individualism through experiential digital design. Each person to visit the site will encounter a series of unique, eclectic interactions. This is also expressed through the festival mantra; Art, meet the future.

Something More partner, Simon Morrow said: “Our approach was to make the identity a piece of digital art in itself, developing a series of visual and interaction experiments based around the marque. So the brand reflects the exciting, playful and experimental content of the festival. Doing lots of different things also helped remove the festival from any particular aesthetic, and feel more open and accessible.”

Something More provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Motion Graphics for York Mediale by Something More and Hungry Sandwich Club
New Logo and Motion Graphics for York Mediale by Something More and Hungry Sandwich Club
Full logo.

Animation explorations.

The new monogram is a clever, puzzle-y combination of “Y” and “M” that has a cool, edgy vibe as well as Brutalist-lite structure that fits well in today’s trends. As a visual exercise I love how they combined the two letters but as an identifying mark for a festival it might be too abstract or too undistinguishable, especially when drenched in MTV-esque animations, which are cool and all, but lack cohesion other than “complete randomness" being the connecting thread. This will be a creative, digital, funky event so everything that’s going on in this project is cool and appropriate but I wonder if it all could be more focused and establish a clearer point of view. The wordmark… as much as we clamor for less sans serifs, I don’t think this black serif — Noe Display — was the right complement. The supporting font — Aperçu Mono — as trendy as it is, does make for a better choice. Overall, the design works in the context but maybe some restraint in visual directions would have yielded something more interesting.

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On Wordmark


On Motion Graphics

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New Logo
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