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New Logo and On-air Package for Fuse done In-house



Noted Oct. 28, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2003) “Fuse is a national television network for New Young Americans (NYAs) — a fast-growing, culturally-diverse generation of influencers and tastemakers, ages 18-34. For more than a decade, Fuse has brought viewers closer to their favorite artists and bands by featuring original series and specials, news, exclusive interviews, live concerts and video blocks - all rooted in the music experience. Leading into a new look and feel launching this fall, Fuse is expanding beyond music with original programming that reflects a new attitude that is sexy, edgy, relevant and honest. The network is currently available in more than 72 million households, with the Fuse brand reaching consumers across multiple other platforms, from video on demand to online, mobile, social media and live events.”

Design by

In-house (full credits here)

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New Logo and On-air Package for Fuse done In-house
Logo detail.
New Logo and On-air Package for Fuse done In-house
On-air package.

The changes to the logo are subtle but beneficial, moving from a more Humanist sans construction to a geometric structure that cleans up the letterforms a tad. While the old one was actively tight in its spacing this one is confusingly spaced with the "f" and "u" touching and the "s" and "e" touching but not the "u" and "s" although they are one eyelash away from doing so. The color segmentation of the letters feels timid and halfway there. I feel that aspect could have been pushed more — to its credit, though, it animates nicely. The on-air package is fairly groovy with a moody color palette of red, yellow, and dark green with a reverberation effect on the typography and custom footage of the dancers. The use of Grilli Type's Walsheim gives the package some quirkiness. Overall, it's fine but perhaps it's too tame for their self-described audience of "fast-growing, culturally-diverse generation of influencers and tastemakers, ages 18-34"? I'm 38 and I feel this is more appropriate for me than for the teenage hooligans down the street.

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