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New Logo by and for Invisible Creature



Noted Nov. 4, 2013 by Armin

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Founded in 2006 by Don & Ryan Clark, Invisible Creature is a multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA.

Design by

Invisible Creature (Seattle, WA)

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The original mark I created in 2006 was inspired by skateboard graphics and other pop art from our coming of age. Although it feels somewhat classic in its own right, the detailed style has proved to be limiting over the years.

Our goal was to create a simpler, more streamlined version of our classic "cyclops mummy," keeping its overall concept (and hopefully its recognizability) in tact, but modernized and with a broader range of usability.

We explored a variety of shapes for the head itself — a perfect circle, a rectangle with rounded corners, etc. In the end, it was imperative that it truly convey a head shape, so we landed on what we refer to as the "egg."

Invisible Creature blog post

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New Logo by and for Invisible Creature
Logo detail.
New Logo by and for Invisible Creature
New Logo by and for Invisible Creature

We simply don't have enough mummy or cyclops logos on Brand New. So when I saw this I knew it was time to correct the long-standing omission on these genre. By far, this is the best we've seen. One word review: fun.

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