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New Logo for 2015 MLB All-Star Game by Fanbrandz



Noted Aug. 7, 2014 by Armin

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“The Major League Baseball All-Star Game, also known as the ‘Midsummer Classic’, is an annual baseball game sanctioned by Major League Baseball (MLB) between professional players from the National League and the American League, currently selected by fans for starting fielders, by managers for pitchers, and by managers and players for reserves.”

The 2015 edition will be hosted by the Cincinnati Reds, one of the oldest MLB teams.

Design by

Fanbrandz (Montclair, NJ)

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Relevant quote
The primary logo in the center of the illustration depicts the handlebar mustache and old-style square cap worn by the Reds' most traditional mascot, Mr. Redlegs. His perfectly round head sits on top of the Reds' classic oval-shaped "C."

The crossed bats represent a traditional baseball design, while the addition of deep red creates dimension to the Reds' colors of red and black.

MLB press release

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New Logo for 2015 MLB All-Star Game by Fanbrandz
Logo detail.
New Logo for 2015 MLB All-Star Game by Fanbrandz

Traditionally elaborate, the logos for MLB's All-Star Games have been pretty decent over the years. Of all sports events, they are the least spiky too. This latest iteration exudes so much nostalgia you'll want to drive up to the game in a Ford Model T. The moustache and striped square cap are awesome elements, particularly for today's avant grade sports-lovin' hipster. Overall, it's simply a fun, well-done logo.

Thanks to Michael Raisch for the tip.

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