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New Logo for Albelli by VBAT



Noted Nov. 15, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 2007) “Headquartered in the heart of Amsterdam with a production facility in The Hague, albelli operates in seven different countries across Europe, with multiple consumer brands including albelli in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and UK and bonusprint (UK), onskefoto (Sweden) and fotoknudsen (Norway). After starting life as a photo book producer in the Netherlands in 2003 albelli has quickly expanded to become one of Europe’s largest photo product suppliers, creating personalised photo books, wall art, prints, calendars, cards and mugs.”

Design by

VBAT (Amsterdam)

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With a subtle reference to the previous logo for albelli, a new icon was created; 'The Brighter Flash'. This loosely refers to the product experience, which starts with a 'flash of inspiration'.

VBAT provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Albelli by VBAT
Before and after of all logos.
New Logo for Albelli by VBAT
Albelli logo detail.
New Logo for Albelli by VBAT
New Logo for Albelli by VBAT
New Logo for Albelli by VBAT
Identity presentation.
Presentation of new look.

The old logo was not only typeset in my-personally-despised FF Cocon it also took some "playful" liberties in turning the "i" upside down so that the curve of the "i" formed a picture frame with the "l". Granted, it's relatively clever, but it reinforces the ugliness of the typeface tenfold. I know, I know… it's mostly me. The new logo revolves around a "flash" icon that's… big. It's a decent icon with some inherent energy to it that makes it attractive and able to stand out (not as a novel concept but as an identifier for the four brands). The typography for the wordmarks is fine and while I would normally not gravitate toward extreme ascenders and descenders, here they balance out the size of the icon. None of the other logos were memorable enough to keep or dwell much about, except the Onskefoto one that looks like Ralph Wiggum. The visual language is fine, nothing too exciting but all properly done. The one thing that's a stretch, seen in the video, is the flash icon turning into the frame corners for the headlines… I mean, yes, but no. Overall, a simple, cheerful logo system that properly solves the challenge of bringing together four separate brands.

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