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New Logo for ALDI Süd by illion. Markensocietaet.



Noted Mar. 9, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1960) “ALDI Süd has been pursuing a simple principle for more than 50 years: offering high-quality products at the best price. Our discount concept is based on efficient workflows and a clear assortment. We pass on the cost savings that we achieve to the consumer. Clearly and clearly placed, our customers always find exactly what they need for their everyday life in our stores. They can easily choose from a fixed assortment of basic items as well as a range of attractive promotional items from different themes. Reliable and inspiring: So is ALDI SOUTH. Also internationally, the people are convinced of our discount concept. Today we are represented in nine countries with over 5600 branches. Around 124,200 employees work there every day to successfully carry on our history and to satisfy our customers with the right offers.” (Google-translated)

Design by

illion. Markensocietaet. (no link available)

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ALDI press release

Relevant quote
The new logo fits the modern appearance of the ALDI SÜD Group and reflects the major developments that the company has recently undergone in the interest of its customers. […] At the same time, ALDI SÜD remains true to its principles, since the company has been pursuing a simple approach for more than 50 years: offering high-quality products at the best possible price. With this principle of simplicity, the ALDI SÜD Group has steadily gained in attractiveness in all markets in which it operates worldwide. This line is also recognizable during the relaunch of the new logo. Despite the optical modernization, the logo retains its strong recognition value. This keeps the typical ALDI SOUTH colors. The well-known light blue "A" is still a part of the logo, but it also appears as an independent element in the modernized design.

ALDI press release (Google-translated)

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for ALDI Süd by illion. Markensocietaet.
Logo evolution.
New Logo for ALDI Süd by illion. Markensocietaet.

The 1982 logo would have been perfect if the original designer would have stopped at the light blue stroke around the “A” with dark blue type underneath instead of adding four extra layers of color and mismatched stroke thicknesses. With some minor spacing adjustments, a revival of that old one would have been great. The 2006 version made things worse by having even more uneven stroke thicknesses and spacing while messing up the hard angles of the previous “A”. The newest version cleans up the strokes and even though they are still overkill, at least now they have some noticeable rhythm. The new “A” now has some depth and a ribbon-like appearance that isn’t great but isn’t terrible either. It works well and definitely gives the logo a sense that it got updated. The wordmark is fine but inconsistent — with the “L” having the only rounded corner and angled slice — which is surprising given that there are only four characters. The spacing under it is a head-scratcher… hard to tell why it was left empty other than perhaps poor planning, like when you start handwriting a sign and you miscalculate how big the paper is and your letters start shrinking towards the end of the word. Anyway, overall, this clearly signals “new” but that’s about as high a compliment as it will get.

Thanks to Kálmán Kéri for the tip.

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