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New Logo for Ann Taylor



Noted May. 24, 2018 by Armin

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Ann Taylor began in 1954 with a dress and a dream. When Richard Liebeskind opened his first shop in New Haven, CT, he named it “Ann Taylor” after the best-selling dress style in his father’s own store. That dress represented his vision of the modern, stylish American woman. With that vision, Ann Taylor has grown from a regional chain to an iconic brand with 242 full-price and 122 outlet stores across North America.”

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New Logo for Ann Taylor
New Logo for Ann Taylor
Stacked version.

The old logo looked like every other fashion brand — be it clothes, magazine, or cosmetics — with its high-contrast, uppercase serif. The new logo transitions into what every other fashion brand looks like now but manages to infuse a little bit of flavor and uniqueness with the angled cuts in most of the letters that, with the wordmark being so thin, come across as elegant and subtle — if the letters were bolder it would look like a college sports team. The leg of the “R” is quite nice too, with a slight curvature that gives the wordmark a soft finish. The flip side to that argument is that that curvy gesture doesn't happen anywhere else so it can feel inconsistent. Not a whole lot more to see or talk about. Overall, an improvement… for now… until the tide shifts in the fashion industry back to Didones.

Thanks to Reagan Marshall for the tip.

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