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New Logo for Apartments.com



Noted Mar. 20, 2015 by Armin

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Apartments.com is a leading national apartment Internet listing subscription service with more than 50,000 unique addresses representing millions of rental units from managed properties and for-rent-by-owner properties. By incorporating the most relevant products to reach renters including personalized searches and highly visual ads featuring live chat, real-time rent, online video walk-through demonstrations, professional photography, a responsive website and iPhone and Android apps, Apartments.com creates easy access to its listings. Providing unmatched exposure to its advertisers through an intuitive name, strategic search engine placements and innovative emerging media, Apartments.com reaches millions of renters nationwide, driving both qualified traffic and highly-engaged renters to leasing offices nationwide. Apartments.com is a subsidiary of CoStar Group, Inc.”

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Agency of record: RPA (Santa Monica, CA)

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Apartments.com press release

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Using a Web 5.0 look and feel to emphasize the benefits of the new Apartments.com experience, the integrated campaign thematically leverages the lofty tag line: "Change your apartment. Change the world." to irreverently communicate the company's commitment to meeting the needs of renters rather than catering primarily to landlords as rental websites have done in the past.

Apartments.com press release

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New Logo for Apartments.com
Logo detail.
New Logo for Apartments.com
Icon variation.
New Logo for Apartments.com
Jeff Goldblum as Brad Bellflower, Silicon Valley Maverick.
Brad Bellflower pitches the new Apartments.com.

The previous logo pretty bad with a hard-edged swoosh making a roof for housing and some unappealing condensed sans serif. The one good trait, particularly in contrast with the new logo, is that it definitely said "housing". The icon on the new logo is a star made visible by five diamond shapes and it could be for pretty much any company, product or service. Certainly, any visual doesn't have to obligatorily scream "HOUSING" since the name of the company has Apartments in it so it's very clear what it's about. Still, the icon, although nice is quite generic. When used on its own with a bevel effect it looks a little like Pentagram's logo for Star Alliance. The wordmark on this might be the biggest surprise. It's not a chunky sans serif with angles cut. It's a serif. A bookish serif no less. And it looks pretty good. Additionally, there is the introduction of Jeff Goldblum as a Steve Jobs-like spokesperson that only works because Jeff Goldblum.

Thanks to Don Day for the tip.

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