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New Logo for Atlantis Resources by SomeOne



Noted Nov. 19, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 2002) Atlantis is striving to become the world’s leading developer of commercial scale tidal power projects and the technologies required to economically deliver tidal current power to the grid for sale and dispatch. For more than a decade, Atlantis has pioneered the development of tidal current power as a predictable source of reliable, economic and secure renewable energy.”

Design by

SomeOne (London, UK)

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There are immense currents that are permanently available to use to generate significant amounts of power. It is these tidal currents that Atlantis has unique technology to harness.

The strategic visual brand identity uses these tidal power maps as it's design theme. SomeOne developed work across multi-channel applications — from business cards to business to digital business presentation tools.

SomeOne case study

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New Logo for Atlantis Resources by SomeOne
Logo detail.
New Logo for Atlantis Resources by SomeOne
New Logo for Atlantis Resources by SomeOne

Nice use of the tidal map aesthetic for a very graphic monogram. Executions are simple with a dash of extravagance when the concentric pattern is used.

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