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New Logo for Autotrader by Lippincott



Noted Mar. 19, 2015 by Armin

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“Created in 1997, Atlanta-based Autotrader is the Internet’s ultimate automotive marketplace. As a leading resource for car shoppers and sellers, Autotrader aggregates millions of new, used and certified pre-owned cars from thousands of dealers and private sellers and provides expert articles and reviews. Autotrader, which also operates the AutoTraderClassics.com auto marketing brand, is wholly owned by Cox Automotive.”

Design by

Lippincott (New York, NY)

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Autotrader press release

Relevant quote
The logo is a dynamic icon that can be interpreted in many different ways: the road ahead, an arrow pointing forward and a subtle "AT." The design draws inspiration from vehicle badges and intentionally translates well to mobile, web and print applications to reflect the growth of multi-device usage in car shopping. Autotrader's signature orange is still present to reflect optimism in the car buying process.

In written communications, Autotrader will now be treated as a single name with a lower-case "t" for "trader", rather than looking like two individual words combined. This change is a reinforcement of the brand's existing position in the minds of consumers, as Autotrader is commonly used and recognized as a single term.

Autotrader press release

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New Logo for Autotrader by Lippincott
Logo detail.
New TV spot with the new logo (and the old Dukes of Hazzard).

The previous logo was as web-bad as it got, with the ".com" in a literal button with crummy highlights and bevel. The slanted serif wasn't anything to boast about either. The new logo goes for a much more mature approach and the icon aims for a vintage European car badge approach. It's like American soccer teams using the crest language of their European counterparts. The execution is fine and even the gradients work but there is something odd about the basis. I feel like it's maybe too much "A", if there is such a thing? The typography is also properly done but it's definitely not within the range of type forms I like.

Thanks to Darrin Crescenzi for the tip.

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