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New Logo for Boundless done In-house



Noted Oct. 22, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2011) “Boundless improves education for millions of students and educators through educational resources powered by cloud technology. With content created by a community of educators, who work side-by-side with subject-matter experts, Boundless provides ready-to-use online content, study materials, and assessment items to make teaching more efficient and learning more effective. The company has raised nearly $10 million in venture funding and reaches more than 3 million students and educators.”

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We wanted a new logo that was inspired by the legacy mark (which has solid recognition), while simplifying the form to enable easier usage across various scales, and brightening the color palette (moving away from the brown). We also thought the logo could establish a basic system for approaching our branding in our marketing and products that speaks to the interaction of the three parts of the educational ecosystem as a whole, but allows for a deep exploration into any single part of the ecosystem. Visually we wanted to refresh to represent this, while conveying simplicity, freshness, and brightness.

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New Logo for Boundless done In-house
Icon detail.
New Logo for Boundless done In-house
Loading animation.
New Logo for Boundless done In-house

Both old and new logos are equally within the Okay range. They are not great, they are not terrible. One thing I liked about the old one over the new one, even if the execution wasn't the best, was the sense that something exciting came out of the three books depicted. The burst wasn't the best representation but it gave a sense that the content was exploding out of the books. The new one is a little more finessed but it lost some energy and starts to look more like a congregation of tulips than books. The typography is nicer and matches well with the lighter color scheme of the icon. The loading animation is a nice touch.

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