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New Logo for Bouygues Telecom



Noted Apr. 23, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 1994) “Bouygues Telecom wants to enjoy its 11.1 million mobile customers and 2.4 million fixed broadband customers the latest developments of digital. […] Bouygues Telecom also offers to its customers a national 4G network covering today 71% of the population, ie 45 million French in over 2700 cities 4G. Every day, more than 8,800 employees imagine and build solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and 1.7 million businesses and corporate clients who trust us. Our 4500 consultants on the phone, in stores and on the Internet with them every day with enthusiasm.”

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In short, we change in depth and we wanted to symbolize this transformation with a new logo that best represents this new Bouygues Telecom. Opened a Bouygues Telecom, with oval shapes and light, accessible and close to you, simple and present with the use of trendy designs for Bouygues Telecom who can reinvent itself by capitalizing on its identity.

Bouygues Telecom blog post (Google-translated)

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New Logo for Bouygues Telecom
Logo detail.

Keeping things French today, we have this redesign for one of the largest telecom providers in France. The old logo was pretty bad, with its human sprite cropped inside a circle and, while I'm a big fan of the Meta type family, here, the italic version felt very weak. The new logo isn't that much better. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the previous wordmark the new one sinks it even lower. The giant "g", the stumpy "u"s, the highly questionable "s"… none of it is working. Add to that the lowercase approach and tight tracking and you've got a real clunker. The icon is… better, for sure, but only because the old one was so bad. I do appreciate the effort in going for something simple and slightly abstract but there is something odd and off about the configuration of those ellipses. The overall impression is of a fairly weak consumer brand.

Thanks to Stephane Rangaya for the tip.

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