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New Logo for Cabify done In-house



Noted Feb. 10, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2011) “Cabify is an international transportation network company. It provides premium vehicles for hire via its smartphone mobile app. Vehicles are driven by their owners, who must pass a rigorous selection process. Operating in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, the company offers two services, one for businesses and another for individuals. As one of the biggest transportation network companies in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world. Cabify operates in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and Uruguay. In early 2016, Cabify reported over one million installations globally, of which the grand majority were in Latin America and the rest in Spain.” (Wikipedia)

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Cabify new look announcement

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The new logo represents the community of Riders and Drivers going together. Rounded shapes reflect the care that goes into our service as we try to make cities better places to live.

Cabify new look announcement

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New Logo for Cabify done In-house
New Logo for Cabify done In-house
Icon grid. Yeah… that needed to have Snap to Point turned on in Illustrator.
New Logo for Cabify done In-house
New logo introduction.
Some thoughts on the new look.

The old logo had the right idea of using the location pin icon that is now so ubiquitous to double as a "C" for its name… but making it the actual initial of the wordmark made it look too amateur. The new logo makes good on the original concept but executes it way better with a clear, standalone icon that is more evidently both a "C" and the location pin. Using it large against a smaller wordmark gives it the higher hierarchy it needs and establishes a recurring device from website to app icon to app UI. The wordmark is okay… going for a safe, friendly structure that looks fine, although the "f" bothers me a little… it's like it's too squat. The illustrations are cool but, oddly enough, very similar to those of its main competitor, Uber. Overall, a definite improvement and a nice move to own purple in the ride sharing space.

Thanks to Augusto Anteghini Oazi for the tip.

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