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New Logo for Calgary Public Library by Edelman



Noted Feb. 5, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 1912) “The Calgary Public Library is a distributed library system featuring 18 branch locations including the Central Library. It is the second most used system in Canada (after the Toronto Public Library) and the sixth most used library system in North America. This is despite the fact that the Calgary Public Library has one of the lowest per capita funding in the country, receiving as little as half the money of other Canadian public libraries.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Edelman (Vancouver)

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Relevant quote
The new brand of the Calgary Public Library stands for unlimited possibilities. It is about the way ideas ignite in our minds. It is about how these ideas grow and evolve when they are shared with others. It is about seeking the answers to the questions we ask. It is about asking new ones. And it is about a collective future, one that we will build together.

Edelman provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Calgary Public Library by Edelman
New Central Library design by Snøhetta, set to open in 2018.
New Logo for Calgary Public Library by Edelman
Logo detail.
New Logo for Calgary Public Library by Edelman
New Logo for Calgary Public Library by Edelman
Brand launch video by Future Perfect. Quite unrelated visually.

The old logo, meant to be a book, looked more like a clothespin but it wasn't too bad, just not the best book drawing in the world. The new logo foregoes depicting a book as most libraries do by introducing an abstract, science-y icon. Although there is no mention of it being modeled after the facade of the upcoming New Central Library (first image below) the design clearly comes from there and I would have accepted that more easily than the logo meaning "unlimited possibilities". Regardless, it's a good-looking logo. I like how they left the edge open-ended — hey! unlimited possibilities! — feeling like something that is constantly spreading. The type… eh, it's okay, which is very different from "it's okay, eh?". (Sorry).

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