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New Logo for Creative Market done In-house



Noted Nov. 18, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 2012) “Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content like Fonts, Icons, Graphics, Illustrations, Wordpress Themes, Website and Print Templates and more, made by independent creatives around the world.”

Design by

In-house: Bronwyn Gruet, Brand Designer for Creative Market

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The original logo keeps a sharp contrast between the script ‘Creative’ and the sans serif ‘Market’. In the revised mark, we set out to balance those elements by carrying the softness of the script letters through to the interior and exterior corners of the sans serif. While our script went from rough to refined, our sans needed to shift from cold and geometric to a more custom and friendly state. We beefed up the weight of the sans and made some tweaks to the crossbar of the A and the leg of the R to give it a touch more of a bespoke vibe.

Creative Market blog post

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New Logo for Creative Market done In-house
New Logo for Creative Market done In-house
New Logo for Creative Market done In-house
New Logo for Creative Market done In-house
Identity elements.
New Logo for Creative Market done In-house
Applications render.

When it first launched, Creative Market's logo reminded me of Veer's (a cool designer-friendly stock site of the early 2000s) in style and spirit — in a positive way. The new logo is a technical evolution that improves on the original in every way, from readability to vector proficiency. I visit Creative Market fairly regularly and I had never noticed how annoying the "a" was or how wonky the "e"s were. The new wordmark has a great, consistent rhythm and the fixing of the x-height makes a huge difference. The one thing I'll question is whether this is a true script anymore as each letter's ending just smashes up into the next letter instead of it being a continuous movement — mostly apparent in the "rea" part. Still, pretty. The updated "MARKET" is also quite nice, bringing the weight of it closer in relationship to that of the script. Overall, a solid improvement through better craft.

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