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New Logo for Crossover Health by Wolff Olins



Noted Mar. 28, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 2010) “Crossover Health is creating the next-generation primary health system in partnership with the nation’s most innovative employers. Crossover provides an end-to-end care delivery model for health activist employers, integrating disconnected health and wellness benefits with tech-enabled, outcomes-based primary care services through onsite, nearsite, and virtual care delivery channels. This approach lowers healthcare costs while improving quality and delivering an unrivaled patient experience as demonstrated by industry-leading net promoter, engagement, and patient satisfaction scores. Crossover is proud to be based in San Clemente, CA, home to some of the best surf breaks on the west coast.” (The short of it: Crossover Health designs and delivers membership based primary health and secondary care services to self insured employers like Apple, Facebook, and Comcast.)

Design by

Wolff Olins

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New Logo for Crossover Health by Wolff Olins
Icon animation.
New Logo for Crossover Health by Wolff Olins
Icon variations.
New Logo for Crossover Health by Wolff Olins
New Logo for Crossover Health by Wolff Olins
Brand introduction video.

The old logo was alright. It had a decent icon that looked ambiguously and ominously healthcare-ish and an okay wordmark, although I’m not sure what happened to the “e” or why it happened. Given that Crossover Health provides the on-site health clinics for Apple and Facebook, a digital “button” icon seems apt as a way to indicate the kind of tech-forward clients the company would like to work with and also as a metaphor for “turning on” healthcare. Looking at the logo, though, without knowing what they did, my last guess would be healthcare but being a B2B brand, it’s not a big problem. I also wonder how ownable the digital button graphic is, since it’s so pervasive in our mobile-led lives? The wordmark, next to the slightly oversize button, is fine. There are patterns and the patterns are spread out on the website but I’m not sure what other purpose they serve and they are also a little random. Cool-looking but random. Then there is the animation that explains what Crossover is and it’s in a whole other style, which is a really nice style, but doesn’t happen anywhere else. I do like how they treat the icon in the animation and the sounds associated with it. Overall, this is somewhat creatively ambitious for the sector and makes Crossover look more accessible to more companies. And I gotta admit, I really enjoyed pressing the big button on their website.

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