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New Logo for DigitasLBi



Noted Aug. 2, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 2013, Formerly Digitas and LBi) “DigitasLBi pools the global market leadership and cutting-edge skill-sets of top agencies Digitas and LBi. Holding company Publicis Groupe will merge Digitas and LBi to form the leading, fully integrated global digital agency network, with digital marketing and technology capabilities at the core.”

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To us, the unicorn symbolises the never-ending quest for digital mastery.

DigitasLBi: Who We Are

Images (opinion after)
Video introduction of the new logo. Source.
New Logo for DigitasLBi
Unicorn with type. Only a small image file was available.
New Logo for DigitasLBi
The unicorn explained.
Unicorn precedent: A short film made by LBi to celebrate winning Marketing Magazine’s Digital Agency of the Year for 2012.

For a large agency like this, with a serious holding company like Publicis Groupe, it's actually quite commendable that they were able to get away with a unicorn logo. It's the kind of thing many agencies would want to do but are not quite willing to commit to it or are able to see it through.

Thanks to Alexei Romanov for the tip.

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