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New Logo for Discovery Channel



Noted Apr. 4, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1985) “Discovery Channel (known as The Discovery Channel from 1985 to 1995, and often referred to as simply Discovery) is an American pay television television network and flagship channel owned by Discovery, Inc. As of June 2012, Discovery Channel is the third most widely distributed subscription channel in the United States, behind TBS and The Weather Channel; it is available in 409 million households worldwide, through its U.S. flagship channel and its various owned or licensed television channels internationally.” (Wikipedia)

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Discovery Channel
New Logo for Discovery Channel
Hero graphic.
New Logo for Discovery Channel
“D” usage.
New promo. Nice detail on the bug on the corner that the globe spins.

For the longest time, Discovery has held on to a photorealistic globe in its logo, so it’s surprising that they are finally letting go. The old logo had a nice rendering of it, I guess, but the typography was a little painful with the tittle of the “i” missing and the “r” mutilated by the “y”. The new logo has the best integration of the globe so far, pinched by the “D”, and typeset in an expected but decent sans serif. The globe drawing is pretty detailed but to its credit — or to the credit of the thousands of images we’ve seen of Earth from space — it’s recognizable and understandable at small sizes. The open “D” then serves as a device to frame objects in photographs and it’s kind of cool. There aren’t any applications or examples of the identity in motion but I’m thinking there is some potential here. Overall, I would tentatively say this is an improvement, pending further evidence.

Thanks to Norman Mallard for the tip.

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Logo Before & After
Logo detail

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