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New Logo for Fandango



Noted Apr. 21, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 2000) “Fandango entertains, informs and guides film fans with must-see trailers and movie clips, exclusive and original content, insider news and expert commentary. We make it easy to find and buy the right movie at the right time, with showtimes and ticketing to more than 23,000 screens nationwide. Fandango is available online, and through our award-winning mobile and connected television apps with over 40 million downloads and counting.”

In less words: Fandango sells movie tickets via telephone and Internet

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New Logo for Fandango
Logo detail.
New Logo for Fandango
Icon detail.
New Logo for Fandango
Wordmark detail as shown on Facebook cover.

Without any fanfare or acknowledgment of the new logo, Fandango has updated its ticket-stub-F logo to be more ticket-stub-y and F-y. The icon redesign feels like an improvement, creating a more self-contained shape that reads better like a ticket stub — although I can’t remember the last time I used a ticket like this at a movie theater. The word mark is a big fail, though. The old one had some actual personality while the new one is awfully generic and attempts to be "customized" by rounding some of the corners because, rounded corners.

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