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New Logo for Governo do Brasil by Elsinho Mouco



Noted May. 17, 2016 by Armin

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Hard to describe this in a brief opening paragraph so I’ll keep it as simple as possible: This is a logo change for Governo do Brasil (Government of Brazil) that represents the current President and the government’s initiatives and communications. Since January of 2011 and until this past Thursday, May 12, the President was Dilma Rousseff who was asked by the Senate to temporarily step down while a trial gets underway for her impeachment on being accused of breaking budget laws. In her place, Michel Temer was made interim President and wasted no time in introducing a new logo.

Design by

Elsinho Mouco

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New Logo for Governo do Brasil by Elsinho Mouco
Logo detail. Sorry for the bad resolution.
New Logo for Governo do Brasil by Elsinho Mouco
Parodies. More here.

I'm not even remotely going into the politics of this as I have limited knowledge on the circumstances leading up to this situation but logo-ingly speaking, the new logo is ridiculous. The old one wasn't great or bad but at least it had some graphic self-respect. Who does typography like in the new logo and thinks "Yes, this is fit for the government of an important country"? This ain't a galaxy far away, which is the only place where typography on heavy perspective like this is appropriate. Perhaps the one interesting aspect might be the extrusion of the blue circle, stars, and motto from the flag into a sphere but only if it had been executed with elegance would it have been acceptable. This is just very crude. The only best thing about this logo is that it be might be an interim application, just like the interim President.

Thanks to Vinícius Gonzalez for the tip.

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