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New Logo for Hotwire



Noted Jun. 5, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 2000) “Hotwire is a discount travel site that gets travelers like you incredible prices you can’t find anywhere else. We work with name-brand travel providers to book their airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars and cruise cabins that would otherwise go unsold. At Hotwire, you can save big on your next trip.”

Design by

Campaign created by Tiny Rebellion (Santa Monica, CA) but unclear if they designed the logo as well

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Hotwire
Logo detail, with tagline.
New Logo for Hotwire
Social media icon. Yuck.

“Hotwire 180” spots, directed by Errol Morris. Yes, that Errol Morris.

My guess is that the impetus for the redesign was the plane in the red dot of the previous logo, since you can book things other than flights on Hotwire. Hotwire, for the uninitiated, gives you deep discounts on flights and hotels but doesn't tell you what hotel you are staying or which airline or times you are taking until you book. Fun, huh? The new logo grounds the plane and now has only a big, red dot. Which is nice. Problem is the uninspired typography around it. It's as bland as a non-loading font in InDesign. The "180" spots, directed by Errol Morris are kind of charming and the closing logo animation and mnemonic are catchy.

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