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New Logo for Huckberry by Studio Workhorse



Noted Jun. 8, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2011) “Huckberry is an independent online retailer and magazine for those who love adventure. We’re a team of 80ish based in San Francisco, California with offices in Columbus, Ohio. Over a million and a half young, active professionals trust us as their leading resource for emerging brands, gear, and lifestyle inspiration.”

Design by

Studio Workhorse (Seattle, WA)

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New Logo for Huckberry by Studio Workhorse
New Logo for Huckberry by Studio Workhorse

The old logo was pretty nice, with an outdoorsy, rugged look on a cool tree and a grungy sans serif whose only fault was letting that “Y” slip away too far to the right. The new logo is pretty nice too but in a different way. I love the tree icon, which now has a more abstracted construction and looks sturdy as heck; I like how they kept the shadow detail on the trunk, which works great when the icon is used white on dark. The wordmark… I like the vibe it has, of being a little wonky and harsh, but the flared tops feel a little unbalanced, adding a lot of visual weight to the top and to the first part of the wordmark… it’s like “erry” is from another logo. Still, it’s more interesting than a geometric sans. Not a whole lot more on this project but I thought the tree icon alone deserved some extra coverage and we also got a handful of tips on this one so I think we have a good number of Huckberry-ers amongst us.

Thanks to Joe A. Tornatzky for the tip.

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