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(APRIL FOOLS') New Logo for Light Up the City Saginaw by Hillwa Saleh



Noted Apr. 1, 2015 by Armin

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A grassroots, crime prevention initiative with the Michigan State Police, Saginaw Police Department Consumers Energy and key community business partners, Light Up the City Saginaw focuses efforts on strategically identified areas in the city of Saginaw to build trust and strengthen partnerships between law enforcement and the community. In partnership with Consumers Energy, and as part of their Helping Neighbors program, energy efficient light bulbs are provided to participating residents.”

Design by

Hillwa Saleh (no website available)

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"I made the city bright because we need to bright up the city," Hillwa said after the event concluded.

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(APRIL FOOLS') New Logo for Light Up the City Saginaw by Hillwa Saleh
Logo detail.

April Fools' Update: While I have knowingly been a jerk in the past in some instances I am not that much of a jerk to go medieval on an 11-year-old-girl's logo. This is actually quite adorable and her quote is as jargon- and post-rationalization-free as I wish more press releases were.

While the old wasn't anything special and is far from the best typesetting in the world it's leagues better than this new logo — the evident result of a contest. The winning design is amateurish in concept and execution. For starters, why isn't the horizon line straight? Why do the trees looks like matchsticks? Are we supposed to light those on fire? The typography might be the only promising aspect of this, being reminiscent of the work of Ed Fella, a true homage if there ever was one. Despite this, I question the reproducibility of this logo, having to be printed in CMYK every single time and risking losing the texture of the drawing. With a logo like this, better leave the lights off, Saginaw.

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