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New Logo for Mapbox by Will Dove



Noted Apr. 21, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2011) “Mapbox is a mapping platform for developers. Our building blocks make it easy to integrate location into any mobile or online application. We’re changing the way people move around cities and understand our planet. From finding a coffee spot on Foursquare, to pinning a vacation spot on Pinterest, to geo-tagging notes in Evernote - we do the geo stuff so developers can focus on building their app. Mapbox is the foundation for other platforms, letting enterprises analyze their data, drone companies publish flyovers, real estate sites visualize properties, satellite companies process cloud-free imagery, and insurance companies track assets. Mapbox is an open source company. We build our product with open source parts, work in the open, and release as much code as possible - it’s the right thing for people, technology, and business.”

Design by

Will Dove (Durham, NC)

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Relevant quote
As the astronaut looks up at the stars, she’s ready to explore. Our team is driven by curiosity. An astronaut’s helmet, reflecting a star in the distance, embodies our ambitions to build the platform that unlocks new ways of exploring streets, cities, and our planet.

Mapbox blog post

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New Logo for Mapbox by Will Dove
Logo concept.
New Logo for Mapbox by Will Dove
New Logo for Mapbox by Will Dove

I had never heard of Mapbox before but given how many tips I received about it, it seems I’ve been missing out on some map API fun. The old logo was more or less okay, with a techie-looking world map in a hexagonal shape and some funkified Gill Sans of sorts as the wordmark. Its main drawback was the map drawing being too hard to read at small sizes, looking more like a Rorschach test. The new logo changes the concept and, at first, it looks like a simple map marker angled for attractiveness and more engagement. While that would be a perfectly good icon as is, there is a charming concept behind it, being the helmet of an astronaut in space with a star reflected on it. It gives the logo a nice backstory and introduces a fun secondary element. The one thing I find odd is the lighter blue on the left arm and leg, which I understand is the light of the stars hitting the astronaut but it’s somehow clunky. Oh, and the wordmark, yeah… WYSIWYG geometric sans (with softly rounded corners). Overall, a fun and nice update to what was a fairly generic tech logo.

Thanks to Hugo for the tip.

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