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New Logo for McAfee



Noted Apr. 10, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1987 and 2017) “McAfee is a global organization with a 30-year history and a brand known the world over for innovation, collaboration and trust. McAfee’s historical accomplishments are founded upon decades of threat and vulnerability research, product innovation, practical application and a brand which individuals, organizations and governments have come to trust.”

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Inspired by our proud past, our new logo features two interlocking frames that form an open and unified shield, an element long associated with the McAfee brand. The new design reflects our belief that Together is power, a concept so central to the new McAfee brand that we have adopted it as our tagline. To depict our pledge to help customers defend all that matters, you’ll see us use the shield to surround images that convey the connected world and the need to protect all aspects of it. A refreshed shade of red, a color strongly associated with both the McAfee brand and power itself, offers a timeless reminder of our enduring commitment to a cybersecurity marketplace we’ve served for more than two decades.

McAfee brand microsite

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for McAfee
McAfee brand, before and after.
Logo evolution. Sound FX, yeah!
New Logo for McAfee
New Logo for McAfee
New Logo for McAfee
Lobby. The lights above the shield make it look like a face laughing maniacally. Where is an art director when you need one?
“Together Is Power” video.

I have had this McAfee tip in my inbox since November but I remember being confused as to what exactly was going on — whether it was an Intel company or not or yes or maybe something else — that I have ignored it for a while. Last week, there was finally a press release that explained that there was a new McAfee, although the McAfee brand has existed since the 1980s, but it was consumed by Intel, and now has been released. All this to say, McAfee has a new logo. We will kind of skip the Intel Security version, although technically that’s the official before logo, but as I understand it, Intel was using the full McAfee logo anyway… see? This is why I hadn’t posted it. And all this writing around in circles is far too long for the actual critique: Old logo, fine; new logo, fine. I like the more minimalist, abstract shield of the new one but the old one also had its charm and its literal depiction of a shield was helpful for the product. The new wordmark is a little annoying and I’m not sure an Art Deco aesthetic is right for it. Overall, it seems to be presented with enough confidence for it to work.

Thanks to Carlos Montalvan for the tip.

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Logo Before & After
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