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New Logo for Patreon



Noted Jun. 15, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2013) “Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Thousands of musicians, podcasters, video game developers, comic creators, and others are making a salary on Patreon. Through ongoing funding, they are able to spend more time engaging their fan-base in an interactive way and continue to populate the internet with beautiful things that millions of people enjoy.”

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New Logo for Patreon
New Logo for Patreon
New Logo for Patreon
Logo animation.
New Logo for Patreon
“Become a patron” button, before and after.

The old logo was so bad and amateurish that its own “e” was ROTFL at it. The overall geometric repetitiveness of it was dull and it lacked any kind of refinement. The new logo signals a clear growth and maturity stage for the service and introduces a proper, nicely crafted, simple wordmark. In the past I have complained about Art-Deco-ish typefaces but, here, the low-hanging bars of the “A” and ”R” look quite nice. While the logo could represent any other company, the pipe (or vertical bar) is a subtle but proper nod to Patreon being the bridge between two things — creator | patrons — and it serves well as a graphic device for their communications. At times, though, it feels like they forgot to upload the second half of their logo, as if something is missing. Replacing the old monogram but maintaining the geometric equity, the new monogram is a dead-simple stick and ball that form an abstract ”p” and provide a playful element to the identity. The most important aspect of the redesign might be the “Become a patron” button where, if I were a Patreon user, I would be embarrassed to use the old button but completely confident and proud to use the new one.

Thanks to Aaron Bouvier for the tip.

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Logo Before & After

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