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New Logo for Plarium by Open



Noted Aug. 24, 2015 by Armin

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“Founded in 2009, Plarium Global Ltd. is dedicated to creating the best mobile and social experience for hardcore gamers worldwide. With over 130 million registered users, we’re proud to be consistently ranked among Facebook’s top hardcore game developers. Plarium employs more than 800 individuals and is headquartered in Israel with four global offices and development studios across Europe.”

Design by

Open (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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The main purpose of the new logo design is to express the shift the company has made from casual to hard core games, and to give a strong visual interpretation to the narrative of victory and conquering. When we inspected the company's name -- "Plarium" -- we realized that the letter "P" resembles a flag. With this insight, along with the hard-core games narrative, we designed the new logo that combines flag and sword images. To emphasize the magnitude of Plarium and its position as an umbrella brand that sponsors different games, we took inspiration from the dynamic identity of the big motion-pictures studios, and gave the logo a bold and strong look. To illustrate the dynamic approach in the digital dimension, we designed and produced a Trailer for the logo that appears as a promo in each of the game launch campaign. The main logo is designed in black, silver and white. In order to address the variety of the rich content of the company's gaming titles, we created various "skin" versions for the logo.

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New Logo for Plarium by Open
Logo detail.
Logo animation.
New Logo for Plarium by Open
Logo skins.
New Logo for Plarium by Open
Custom typeface.
New Logo for Plarium by Open
USB drive. Classy.
New Logo for Plarium by Open

More than a before/after this is a then/now change as the games that the logos represented were completely different offerings. Plarium's games used to be more casual and a friendly penguin was perfect — except that the execution of the arctic friend was bland and its accompanying typography terrible. With newer titles like "Soldiers Inc.", "Stormfall: Age of War", and "Sparta: War of Empires", the penguin didn't make sense. The new logo looks hardcore for sure, mostly in its full render, textured version; not so much in the 1-color application. It's an okay logo. Nothing great, nothing terrible. The "skins" are a good first round but, to transcend quick special effects, they would need a lot more customization and attention to detail. (Landor's DC Comics identity comes to mind as an example that pushed this approach better). The logo animation does work well and gets the hardcore vibe to come across more convincingly. The custom type is too close to the Playstation 3 logo and all those reboot of pre-reboot Spiderman movies, so it's too expected for this genre.

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