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New Logo for Redbox



Noted Jun. 10, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 2002) “Redbox, an Outerwall Inc. brand, offers new-release DVD, Blu-ray Disc® and video-game rentals through its network of conveniently located, self-service kiosks. Redbox has rented more than 4 billion discs and is available at nearly 35,000 U.S. locations, including leading grocery, drug and convenience stores, and select Walgreens, Walmart and McDonald’s locations.”

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New Logo for Redbox
Logo detail.
New Logo for Redbox
Version of the website I am seeing which, apparently, not everyone is seeing.
New Logo for Redbox
Here is the logo file deployed on the site. If you look up “JPEG artifacts” in the dictionary this will be there.

No information on this one and a representation of how this rollout is not being the smoothest. Up until last night, the home page of Redbox showed the old logo while the inner pages showed the new one (this morning, the new logo appeared on the home page); they still offer their old logo as a download on their media page; and whoever prepared the new logo for use on the website has a directive straight outta 1999 that no file should be bigger than 5Kb because the resolution on that thing is embarrassing. And that's the large file! Anyway, Redbox has grown tremendously in the past few years and you can see their monstrosity of red boxes in plenty of places. Their old logo wasn't terrible, at least attempting something different typographically. The dome swoosh is meant to echo the shape of the vending machines that have curved tops but they are so clunky and cluttered IRL that it's not an evident brand element. The new logo is a very shy evolution that makes you wonder why they even bothered, especially when they are going to roll it out so poorly and the capital expense this will require is immense: updating over 40,000 kiosks, some of which have the logo imprinted on them (others have it in a removable window case thing) as well as redoing the hundreds of thousands of DVD cases in which they deliver the movies and games that also have their logo. The new logo is fine — generic and bland yet fine — but this will be almost an imperceptible change to the non-designer customer and it doesn't seem to signal or coincide with a service improvement — the new website looks a little cleaner and crisper but the old one was okay too — so maybe it's just an attempt to stay current against the increasing competition (and increasing library titles) of Netflix and Amazon.

Thanks to Ben De Rienzo for the tip.

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