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New Logo for San Francisco Chamber of Commerce by Primo Angeli



Noted Oct. 21, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 1850) “The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit membership organization serving 1,500 members and 200,000 employees. For more than 150 years, the Chamber has served a diverse membership of companies of every size and industry in San Francisco and around the Bay Area through our programs and advocacy initiatives. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation includes Leadership San Francisco and the San Francisco Center for Economic Development.”

Design by

Primo Angeli with Stapley-Hildebrand

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Press release

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The Chamber's vision and brand identity is centered on the principles that matter most to San Francisco's business community and the economy — connectivity, innovation and collective action. The Chamber's new logo […] depicts these principles through a mosaic of icons symbolizing the city's distinctive and diverse business landscape. The bold and vibrant mosaic forms a sequence of "C's" denoting the Chamber of Commerce, and eliciting the notions of "city" and "community." The new tagline — "Our City. Your Business." — accompanies the logo conveying the Chamber's two-pronged mission to serve the interests of business and San Francisco.

Press release

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New Logo for San Francisco Chamber of Commerce by Primo Angeli
Logo detail.

I like logos made out of lots of stuff as much as anyone but this one is just lots of stuff for the sake of stuff. Not just in the "C" logo but in the typography as well with different colors and sizes and, *shiver*, Museo. Despite the apparent unity the logo never comes together as a whole.

Thanks to Sarah Munt for the tip.

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