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New Logo for Sears Canada



Noted Aug. 26, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1984 as an independent chain in Canada) “Sears Canada is a multi-channel retailer with a network that includes 154 corporate stores, 106 Hometown stores, over 1,100 catalogue and online merchandise pick-up locations, 82 Sears Travel offices and a nationwide repair and service network. The Company also publishes Canada’s most extensive general merchandise catalogue and offers shopping online at www.sears.ca.”

Design by

Ian Brignell with art direction from Sears Canada In-house team

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Sears Canada press release

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In Canada since 1953, this is the brand's most dramatic logo transformation in 32 years. The clean and contemporary logo features a timeless font with a fresh take on the maple leaf, signaling a redefined modern era for the brand.

"We are proud to unveil this symbol of reinvention for Sears Canada," said Brandon G. Stranzl, Executive Chairman, Sears Canada Inc. "Sears is changing, and our new logo asserts the modern and streamlined image and consumer experience for which we are striving in-store and online."

Sears Canada press release

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New Logo for Sears Canada
Logo evolution.
New Logo for Sears Canada
Logo detail.

While Sears USA sort of abandoned the inline version in 2010, Sears Canada has been using some version of it — with a maple leaf, natch — since the 1980s. Sears' inline is one of the most recognizable inline logos and it baffled me back in 2010 when USA dropped it and it baffles me now that Canada is too, instead of finding a fresh new way to interpret it. Sears USA now has an insipid, all lowercase wordmark and Canada has an insipid, all uppercase wordmark. Hooray for progress, eh? The new wordmark is boring as dirt and I can't imagine what strategic rationalization would lead to "Let's make the dullest wordmark we can" with the hope that it will signal "a redefined modern era for the brand". There is nothing wrong execution-wise, it's an okay sans serif but why that was the goal is where the trouble begins because it continues with the most un-Sears-like maple leaf possible. It's a nice maple leaf as far as maple leafs go and, boy, do maple leafs like to go. The problem is that nothing about it says "Sears", even though it literally says Sears next to it. The whole logo is so devoid of personality and meaning that it could be selling anything from beer to cross fit equipment to tires that all happened to be purchasable in Canada because maple leaf. I think this is the official jumping of the shark when it comes to logos being the most minimalist representation of their past and equity or, in another metaphor, the widest swing of the pendulum and the pendulum has broken off its wire and we have no way back. Overall, execution is a… 7. Relevance, appropriateness, and concept are a 1 and only because it says Sears.

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