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New Logo for Seattle Police Department by DEI Creative



Noted Feb. 9, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 1886) “The Seattle Police Department is the largest Municipal law enforcement agency in Washington State. Seattle Police Department Staffing: 1,820 (approx.)”

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DEI Creative

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SPD's patch and shield were designed 42 years ago. They're based on a design taken from a 1939 Marching Drill team flag. It's meant to represent Seattle and includes the Space Needle, and a nod to Boeing. While it's served us well, the shield is very detailed and is hard to see clearly when scaled down. The color scheme also clashed with the new uniform.

With the change to a new uniform and patrol vehicle, it just made sense to reconsider the entire look of the department.

The new design emphasizes simplicity and improved readability for quick identification, as well as bringing back the symbol of the City of Seattle, the Chief Seattle seal. The new patch keeps our current motto "Service, Pride, Dedication (SPD)."

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Seattle Police Department by DEI Creative
Department patches from 1955, 1972, and 2015.
New Logo for Seattle Police Department by DEI Creative
Before and after uniform.
New Logo for Seattle Police Department by DEI Creative
New SUV police cars. Also, body cameras.

It's no Studio Dumbar Dutch Police-level work, but it's a certain improvement. At least in functionality. The previous logo was only missing Shawn Kemp from it to be a full picture of what Seattle is. The new logo starts out good with a nice drawing profile of Chief Seattle but it then deteriorates from there with fairly generic typographic that hasn't been fully resolved on how it sits on a curve and the shape of the shield is pretty aleatory. The striped texture could have been cool if it were less subtle and more scalable. Overall, a change in the right direction but it could have used 3 or 5 more rounds of finessing in every aspect.

Thanks to Daniel E. Coslett for the tip.

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