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New Logo for Sydney Writers' Festival by 18 Feet



Noted Apr. 5, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1997) “Each year, Sydney Writers’ Festival presents over 300 events, attracting audiences of 100,000 to our gorgeous harbourside location and other venues. The heart of the Festival is at Walsh Bay in heritage wharves on Sydney Harbour. There are also events stretching across Sydney, from the Opera House and Sydney Town Hall, into suburban Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We bring together writers from various forms and backgrounds, including the best contemporary novelists, screenwriters, musicians and writers of cutting edge nonfiction, and some of the world’s leading public intellectuals, scientists and journalists. The Festival is a not-for-profit organisation, and as such, we aim to be accessible to a wide range of audiences.”

Design by

18 Feet (London, UK)

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New Logo for Sydney Writers' Festival by 18 Feet
Logo detail.
New Logo for Sydney Writers' Festival by 18 Feet
Event guide.
New Logo for Sydney Writers' Festival by 18 Feet
Outside the launch event.
Festival promotion animation.

The old logo was almost really great, with the open book echoing the silhouette of the Sydney Opera House, but the execution was a little crude; also, if the logo had been for Sydney Readers' Festival it would have been a home run, or a best seller. The typography in the old one was also quite bad. The new logo improves the typography with a single size (although I think "SYDNEY" is a tad bigger) and some creative letterspacing. The book icon has been replaced by a set of overlaid apostrophes. The idea feels right, as apostrophes are the glue of writing and you could also see it as a writer being quoted on their work. The problem is the execution; it feels rushed and lacking elegance. The size of it in relationship to the wordmark doesn't help at all. The triple-apostrophe icon idea is ripe for a great typographic solution but "unfortunately that ain't it", and you can quote me on that, poor grammar and all. The t-shirt on the volunteers looks nice, though.

Thanks to Simeon King for the tip.

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