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New Logo for The Contemporary Austin by Pentagram



Noted Jul. 30, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 1911, formerly AMOA-Arthouse) The Contemporary Austin aspires to be the contemporary art museum for Austin and an essential part of city life. Through its unique combination of urban and outdoor sites, The Contemporary will embody an eclectic and collaborative spirit. The Contemporary Austin is the result of the transformation of a century-old museum and school, AMOA-Arthouse, into a new entity with a distinctive vision and mission to unite the museum’s two major venues, Laguna Gloria and the Jones Center.

Design by

Pentagram (Partner: DJ Stout — Austin, TX)

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Relevant quote
Like the name, the new identity system is built around a simple wordmark, a sans-serif typographic solution that spells out the museum's name in upper- and lowercase but highlights the "A" in the word Contemporary with a capital letter and a change of color. "I started my design career in Dallas, The Big D," says Stout. "And I've always called Austin The Little A. The small cap 'A' in the new logotype refers to Austin (which ain't that little anymore) but it also stands for Art, as in contemporary Art." The simple cap A can be pulled out and used by itself as an icon in some situations, like buttons and membership stickers, and the identity system also allows for an abbreviated version of the new name, The Contemporary, that drops the word Austin altogether.

Pentagram case study

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for The Contemporary Austin by Pentagram
Logo detail.
New Logo for The Contemporary Austin by Pentagram
New Logo for The Contemporary Austin by Pentagram
Proposed building signage.
New Logo for The Contemporary Austin by Pentagram
Sample ads.

I could get behind this if the typeface selected were better. It's not a fully "contemporary"-feeling typeface to be cool, it's just… off.

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