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New Logo for ThinkGeek



Noted Aug. 1, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 1999) “ThinkGeek is an American online retailer that caters to computer enthusiasts and other ‘geeky’ social groups. Their merchandise includes clothing, electronic and scientific gadgets, unusual computer peripherals, office toys, pet toys, child toys, and caffeinated drinks and candy. ThinkGeek was founded in 1999, is based in Fairfax, Virginia, and is owned by Geeknet.” (Wikipedia)

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Not a lot of info or stuff to see but it doesn't take a genius, dork, or geek to realize this wasn't the best update. The old logo wasn't great-great but it definitely had a dorky look with the unpleasant brain and typewriter font. The new one is sort of a good idea with the two "K"s clashing in the center but there is no real point to it, nothing geeky — although I guess having "geek" mirrored is geeky. I would qualify it more as spazy. For an accurate understanding of the difference between these terms please refer to this important SNL sketch. Also, the rounding of half the corners of the letterforms… that's straight-up loser behavior without the saving charm of a geek.

Thanks to Justen Wilson for the tip.

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