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New Logo for Topgolf done In-house



Noted May. 7, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 2005) “Topgolf is the emerging global leader in golf entertainment, with 11 locations serving more than 2.7 million guests annually. Players hit golf balls containing computer microchips that track each shot’s accuracy and distance while also awarding points for hitting targets on the outfield. Each facility offers an upscale, laid-back experience that features climate-controlled hitting bays and an impressive food and beverage menu crafted by an executive chef. Mix in dynamic event spaces for groups of all sizes, and Topgolf stands as the premier entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets the neighborhood’s favorite hangout.”

Design by

In-house (by Carter Martin)

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Subtle changes to the shield to make it more recognizable across different formats. When we shrink the current shield, the target (arguably the most important element) is almost non-recognizable. […] We also have to embroider the logo on shirts, hats, gloves and all things apparel. The existing shield format brought the background to the fore rather than the target and made for some interesting interpretations of our logo when embroidered. The biggest change is the font. You'll see the change from capital T and G to all caps. Our research showed that the existing logo was seen as fun and family friendly. Great characteristics! The all caps version, however, was seen as more exciting, sporty and modern. It is important for us to convey to people that we're a modern sports complex so we set about making the change.

Topgolf blog post

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Topgolf done In-house
Logo detail.
New Logo for Topgolf done In-house
Logo detail, stacked.
Time lapse of logo design.
New Logo for Topgolf done In-house
New Logo for Topgolf done In-house

Although the new logo isn't particularly great — it's a shield with a big target and flag pole — I can always appreciate a good execution evolution that improves the usability of an existing logo. And this one, at least the icon, is a fine progression. The new wordmark now sways too much in the Nike-style sports typography that I don't think is any designer's idea of a good time but seems to do the trick for audiences in communicating sportiness and, when seen side to side with the old logo in the header image, the readability improvement is hard to deny. And, yeah, I'm also a sucker for time lapses of design being done on the fly.

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