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New Logo for TurboTax by Siegel+Gale



Noted Dec. 12, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 1983) “TurboTax builds software that makes it easy to get the biggest tax refund. TurboTax is part of Intuit Inc., a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses; financial institutions, including banks and credit unions; consumers and accounting professionals.”

Design by

Siegel+Gale (Los Angeles, CA)

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New Logo for TurboTax by Siegel+Gale
Logo detail.
New Logo for TurboTax by Siegel+Gale
New Logo for TurboTax by Siegel+Gale
New Logo for TurboTax by Siegel+Gale
Promo images from their Facebook page.

This is a remarkably good redesign. It's friendly, it's serious, it's software-y. It doesn't look like a discount piece of software anymore. Even the bevel and shadowing of the checkmark button is well done and appropriate. Their website is also very nicely executed with some Avenir goodness in there and lots of white space. Very surprising.

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