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New Logo for Yatra



Noted Jan. 27, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2006) “We are a leading online travel company in India and committed to our mission of ‘creating happy travelers.’ Through our website, www.yatra.com, our mobile applications and our other associated platforms, leisure and business travelers can explore, research, compare prices and book a wide range of services catering to their travel needs. Since our inception in 2006, more than 4 million customers have used one or more of our comprehensive travel-related services, which include domestic and international air ticketing, hotel bookings, homestays, holiday packages, bus ticketing, rail ticketing, activities and ancillary services. With over 61,000 hotels contracted in over 1,100 cities across India, we are India’s largest platform for domestic hotels.”

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The change in brand identity is not only about the change in logo and colour but also a change in what the brand stands for along with the branding elements such as tonality, communication, look and feel. The new red logo showcases the richness of our experience and the expansive depth of our product portfolio. It also helps us to stand out in an increasingly cluttered media environment and at the same time lends a sense of confidence and reliability to our brand. The changed Yatra logo is fluid, just like travel should be. The new logo typeface is hand drawn and inspired from the trail of a journey. The logo is free flowing and not bound, just like our plans should be. The logo stands for a seamless travel experience that Yatra provides with the new marketplace model.

Vikrant Mudaliar, chief marketing officer, Yatra

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New Logo for Yatra
New look introduction. After the first minute there is an actual spot and logo animation at the end.

The old logo looked like the new Pepsi logo burping out birds, which eclipsed the fact that it was a swoosh around the globe with giant pterodactyls flying around it, which is not a fact, really. Point being: that was a messy logo and the typography did not help at all. The new logo has a commendable idea and ambition to unite letters that are pretty much un-unitable. It's almost good or, at least, almost passable but ultimately it's awkward, especially in how the "a"s resolve unto themselves and the top-left curve of the "y" is painful. Whether on purpose or not, I do like how the "r" looks like an abstract bird, like the ones in the old logo. The animation also has the right ambition but the characters are way too children-book-like. Overall, an improvement, simply because the old one was so bad and the new one has a more contemporary appearance but still short of being solidly good.

Thanks to James I. Bowie for the tip.

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