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New Logo for YourTango by Lippincott



Noted Jan. 21, 2016 by Armin

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YourTango is the #1 publisher focused on love and relationships. It has created an interactive platform where its community of users, brands, and the world’s leading relationship experts connect and engage where it matters most: the heart. YourTango presents relatable expert advice, memorable stories, and thoughtful perspectives that inspire, inform, and entertain over 400 million people across the web every month.”

Design by

Lippincott (New York, NY)

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YourTango press release

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The new YourTango logo captures the spirit of the brand. Its simplicity is approachable, while its hand-drawn expression speaks to the genuine, insightful and empathetic content the brand provides. Lippincott's Creative Director, Connie Birdsall, explains, "The design captures YourTango's commitment to helping people build strong, loving relationships. The linear heart illustration and the dynamic script logotype serve to visually reinforce the company's mission and the passion shared by everyone at YourTango."

YourTango press release

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New Logo for YourTango by Lippincott
Logo detail.
New Logo for YourTango by Lippincott
Heart graphic.
New Logo for YourTango by Lippincott
Business card.

The best thing about the new logo is that it's not the old logo anymore, which didn't have anything working in its favor. Not the colors, not the bad Helvetica usage, not even the tango-ing broken heart icon. The new logo though doesn't feel like much of a logo. The handwritten marker approach in this case is both too informal and lacking in chutzpah to feel like it's a proprietary wordmark. The flourish of the "T" sort of begins to make it work but it doesn't get over the hump of looking like a doodle on a notebook. Even on the website it seems to lack the presence needed, especially with so much heavy typography and saturated imagery all around it. The approach was right but the execution will leave you reaching for Kleenex — not for the facial tissue but for its logo (which gets this approach right). Not that my feelings on the new logo matter much as YourTango CEO, Andrea Miller, shared with me that in the time since the redesign, their Facebook Likes have grown from 500K to over 800K in a month or so, all because of the reboot. So, there.

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