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New Name and Logo for AT&T TV Now



Noted Aug. 15, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 2016, previously DIRECTV NOW) “AT&T TV Now is an American streaming television service owned by AT&T, which launched on November 30, 2016. As of the second quarter of 2019, the service has 1.3 million subscribers.” (Wikipedia)

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New Name and Logo for AT&T TV Now
New Name and Logo for AT&T TV Now
Logo reveal.

The whole DIRECTV and AT&T universe has gotten a little more confusing with this change, because it means not only the change from DIRECTV NOW to AT&T TV Now but also the introduction of AT&TV, which is not the same, yet has the same name basis. The Verge tries to explain it but it’s still confusing and not that it matters that much because this is all a visual and enunciation trainwreck. DIRECTV has always sort of flowed, with one “T” bridging “Direct” and “TV” with a single “T” sound. Now you have two “T”s leading up to a third “T” with an awkward pause in between. AT&T TV just isn’t that catchy. But enough about that… the old logo wasn’t great but it was somewhat clever in its embedding of the AT&T globe inside the name creating a link between the two brands — a link, btw, that I still don’t think of intuitively as to me they are two very separate brands — and it would have all been swell if “NOW” were the same visual weight as “DIRECTV” but, no, someone went out of their way to make it just slightly lighter. The new logo, though, has many more offensive traits, beginning with the “tv” ligature, which, just… no. It’s not only unnecessary but so forced, especially given that the “v” would naturally tuck nicely into a lowercase “t” with a short arm. Then there is the addition of “NOW” in small caps, which in principle is fine but here it looks clunky and oddly sized. The whole thing feels like a patchwork of graphic solutions to impromptu business decisions, as if they came up with AT&T TV first and made a logo, then someone said “Hey, how about a streaming service called AT&T TV Now?” and someone said “Brilliant! Add ‘Now’ to that logo we did” to which someone replied “But where do we put it?” to which the other person said “Where it least makes sense please.” It’s been a while since we have had a real clunker of a logo, so thank you AT&T.

Thanks to Berish Cisner for the tip.

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