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New Name and Logo for Fond by Operative Words and Prophet



Noted Jun. 13, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2012) “At Fond, we help organizations across industries strengthen company culture through an ongoing commitment to employee happiness. Our employee engagement products are intuitively designed and flexible so companies can tailor rewards, recognition, perks and sentiment measurement programs for maximum impact. Founded in 2012, Fond is headquartered in San Francisco.”

Design by

Naming: Operative Words
Identity: Prophet

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Relevant quote
The logo itself is sharp and angular, except for the O formed out of circles. […] Counterbalancing that sharpness are the circles forming the O. They can be interpreted in a variety of ways, evoking playfulness. They might signify sparks of joy, collections of people, or even individual moments that employees value. Undoubtedly, they represent individuals forming a cohesive whole, just as a company. That O became central to our brand in so many ways. Prophet came up with the idea to transform the O and making its constituent circles other shapes for different products. The recommendation was brilliant. The icons add so much to visual impact, and let us distinguish between products without relying on the now-tired schema of color-based products or literal iconography.

Fond blog post

Images (opinion after)
New Name and Logo for Fond by Operative Words and Prophet
New Name and Logo for Fond by Operative Words and Prophet
Color variations.
New Name and Logo for Fond by Operative Words and Prophet
The “O” in different styles for each of their products.
New Name and Logo for Fond by Operative Words and Prophet
Smiling (99% of them) employees.

I have no idea what the old logo was meant to represent but it also took me a handful of minutes to understand what the company does, so the ambiguity sort of matched up. The company is about employee happiness and building better internal cultures, so the name “Fond”, while still ambiguous on its own, is much more on topic as well as being more grown-up and serious, instead of “AnyPerks”, that sounded like you are going to get ice cream at the end of the week if you were a good boy or girl. It’s actually quite amazing that they were able to use “Fond” legally. The new logo is quite straightforward and its multi-dot “O” is a treasure trove of multiple easy and corporate-friendly meanings: strength in numbers, team-building, unity, etc. The simplicity of concept and execution yield a serious yet playful logo that goes will with the balance of their service that aims to build productive, happy employees.

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