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New Name and Logo for Oath


Noted Apr. 4, 2017 by Armin

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Launching later this year, Oath will be the parent brand name for Verizon’s digital media division which, among other brands, will include Yahoo and AOL (which in turn owns Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, et al) all of which will retain their brand names and logos, for now… mostly, as, reportedly, Yahoo will be changed to, um, Altaba. No further details are available. Not even a website for Oath.

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New Name and Logo for Oath

On a scale from 1 to Pretentious as Fuck — told you I was going to swear — Oath scores a 10. I don’t know if I’m alone in this but I find the name completely ridiculous, pretentious, annoying, and, above all, irrelevant to anything having to do with digital media. It’s not even, like, “OMG, they are so cool and brave for taking on an unconventional name”. It’s such an early 2000s start-up name too, like the doomed “Monday”. Just, yuck. The new logo follows on the footsteps of 2015’s Verizon redesign by using Neue Haas Grotesk as the starting point for a customized wordmark — the “O” in “Oath” has been made into a circle and the stem of the “h” has been lowered — punctuated by a colorful punctuation mark… instead of Verizon’s checkmark, this one has a colon. Good brand synergy, for sure. It’s not a bad logo because there is nothing wrong with it but it’s not a great logo because there is nothing interesting about it. It does it’s job in spelling out the name and whose its daddy but that’s about it. For now. When the company officially launches maybe there will be more and I will place myself under oath — not a Verizon company — to follow up.

Thanks to Scott Lewallen for the tip.

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