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New Name and Logo for Radius by Kontrapunkt



Noted Dec. 11, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2006) “DONG Energy (abbreviated as DONG) is an integrated energy company based in Fredericia, Denmark. It is Denmark’s largest energy company.” In April 2016, the company is splitting into two, as I understand it. One, the corporate side, will keep the DONG Energy name while DONG Energy Eldistribution (DONG Energy Electricity Distribution) will become Radius and be the more consumer-facing side.

Design by

Kontrapunkt (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Relevant quote
Radius' logo is worn by rounded letters illustrating the shape of Radius' products, electrical cables. The open U symbolizes reach, the logo character and an optimistic and welcoming expression, says the agency's description of the new visual identity.

Huset Markedsføring news story

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New Name and Logo for Radius by Kontrapunkt
Logo detail.

Not a lot of info on this one but I thought the new logo was pretty interesting. Since the old logo isn't really going away, there is no need to get much into it… except that, well, the teenager in me can not stop giggling at "dong". At first glance the "u" seems like a grotesquely exaggerated "u" but it's a cropped circle that plays off of the "radius" name — of geometry fame, where radius is the length of a line segment from a circle's center to its perimeter — and hints at the shape of cables. It's a distinct approach that is both appealing and unappealing at the same time and it certainly stands out. My main complaint would be the "s" that looks like it came from another type family altogether, clashing with the very strict geometry of the rest of the letters. Nonetheless, I like the logo quite a bit and I look forward to the applications.

Thanks to Branding Source for the tip.

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