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New Name and Logo for World Rugby by Futurebrand



Noted Nov. 19, 2014 by Armin

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World Rugby (formerly the International Rugby Board) was founded in 1886. With its headquarters in Dublin, World Rugby is the world governing and Law making body for the Game of Rugby Union. World Rugby has several main functions including: Governance of the Laws and Regulations and their enforcement; tournament owners and managers; global game development through Member Unions funding via grants and Strategic Investment programmes; and delivery of Education & Development programmes; game promotion.”

Design by

Futurebrand (London office)

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Relevant quote
The new brand aims to deliver the federation's mission to build a stronger connection with fans, players and commercial partners, and ultimately engage with new audiences worldwide. At the heart of the brand is a distinctive positioning, defined by character building values of honour, courage and optimism. This is expressed visually within a modern and progressive visual identity that retains a link to the organisation's heritage through its blue and green colour scheme.

Futurebrand press release

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New Name and Logo for World Rugby by Futurebrand
Logo detail.
New Name and Logo for World Rugby by Futurebrand
Press conference.
Motivational presentation about rugby. Only worth watching if you like slow motion and close-up shots of rugby players. New logo (not even animated) at the end.

The previous logo has to be one of the ugliest logos for a professional sports organization. I can't even. The new logo is shiny. Very shiny. It almost feels like the flat rendering of a physical trophy, which is not a bad thing. I'm not sure if there is any meaning behind cutting the ball on top, it seems kind of random, yet it does happen to look good, breaking the symmetry. The typography is okay; I like the "G". The new name also feels like an improvement, sounding less like a bunch of people sitting in a conference room and more like a global syndicate.

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